FREE Technical analysis and signals for more than 300 crypto currencies, attempting to indicate which cryptos will be or are bullish and bearish, trends based on historical movements and a number of other factors. CAUTION: Algo's are still in Beta (current performance is indicated below trade examples)


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TOP 20 CRYPTO CURRENCIES (excluding stable coins)
BTC   Bitcoin 
( symbol:BTC )
24hr : 4.96%

Current Price: $66,969
ETH   Ethereum 
( symbol:ETH )
24hr : 2.8%

Current Price: $3,513
BNB   Binance Coin 
( symbol:BNB )
24hr : 4.05%

Current Price: $593
SOL   Solana 
( symbol:SOL )
24hr : 6.76%

Current Price: $169
TON   TON Coin 
( symbol:TON )
24hr : 0.35%

Current Price: $7.28
( symbol:XRP )
24hr : 1.37%

Current Price: $0.5769
DOGE   Dogecoin 
( symbol:DOGE )
24hr : 5.49%

Current Price: $0.1252
ADA   Cardano 
( symbol:ADA )
24hr : 4.23%

Current Price: $0.4400
( symbol:TRX )
24hr : 0.05%

Current Price: $0.1345
AVAX   Avalanche 
( symbol:AVAX )
24hr : 4%

Current Price: $28.17
SHIB   Shiba Inu 
( symbol:SHIB )
24hr : 4.12%

Current Price: $0.00001800
DOT   Polkadot 
( symbol:DOT )
24hr : 3.99%

Current Price: $6.33
LINK   ChainLink 
( symbol:LINK )
24hr : 3.11%

Current Price: $14.04
BCH   Bitcoin Cash 
( symbol:BCH )
24hr : 3.43%

Current Price: $395
NEAR   NEAR Protocol 
( symbol:NEAR )
24hr : 5.35%

Current Price: $6.40
LTC   Litecoin 
( symbol:LTC )
24hr : 3.42%

Current Price: $73.72
( symbol:LEO )
24hr : 0.87%

Current Price: $5.84
PEPE   Pepe 
( symbol:PEPE )
24hr : 10.04%

Current Price: $0.00001300
UNI   Uniswap 
( symbol:UNI )
24hr : 2.05%

Current Price: $7.96
KAS   Kaspa 
( symbol:KAS )
24hr : 2.12%

Current Price: $0.1825
ETC   Ethereum Classic 
( symbol:ETC )
24hr : 3.1%

Current Price: $23.61
XLM   Stellar 
( symbol:XLM )
24hr : 2.14%

Current Price: $0.1054
XMR   Monero 
( symbol:XMR )
24hr : 0.04%

Current Price: $161
MNT   Mantle 
( symbol:MNT )
24hr : 7.12%

Current Price: $0.9018
* Potential Short Term performance compared against the market

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How are targets calculated?

The algorithms consider a number of Moving Averages, Candlestick patterns, RSI, Volume, Fib levels, sentiment & a ratio to the overall market.

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CryptosBulls is just a tool to help identify potential trading possibilities, nothing is advice & should not be relied on. Rather use it to do further research and/or compare to your own analysis.

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